Friday, March 6, 2009

A Valentine/Celebration Wreath

I may be posting this a little late for Valentine but I decided to do so anyway since this wreath can be used decorated in different ways for various holidays and occasions during the year. I still have mine up in the main hallway and looks very decorative. Just like changing the decorations on my year round tree, I could add seasonal or occasional decorative items to give this wreath a meaningful theme throughout the year.

Using a cardboard cake base for the main circle, I also cut some fun foam hearts in white and red and decorated them with designs using gold outliners. Here are some pictures to show the steps I used to make this wreath.

I would like to give credit to Diana Trupiano whose wreath inspired me to recyle one of my cake bases.

Here is the link to her lovely craft...

Now what shall we do with the centre part I cut off from the cake base? That is another story and another re-cycling project!

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