Wednesday, September 26, 2012


If you would like to tune in to my first show, Kreattivita' ma' Doreen will air on Friday 28th Sept. 2012 at  9.30am.  

Here is a direct link to live streaming on Radio Elenjani 95.8 FM

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Being Creative ON AIR!

I will be hosting a new show Live in the coming weeks on Radio Elenjani  95.8FM

This all came about when my nephew asked me casually if I'd like to host a show of my own about Crafts, he knows how much I love crafts : )  My first thought was, "Oh no!"  but then the thought kind of grew on me, and now I am in training and getting my show all set up.

So soon my creativity will be going on air and I will actually be talking about Creativity.  This is my very first experience so wish me well : )

My show will be called "Kreattivita' ma' Doreen" which translates to "Creativity with Doreen" and it will air every Friday morning.  I will give you more details as to when the programme will start very soon.
Thanks for stopping by : )

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