Sunday, September 23, 2012

Being Creative ON AIR!

I will be hosting a new show Live in the coming weeks on Radio Elenjani  95.8FM

This all came about when my nephew asked me casually if I'd like to host a show of my own about Crafts, he knows how much I love crafts : )  My first thought was, "Oh no!"  but then the thought kind of grew on me, and now I am in training and getting my show all set up.

So soon my creativity will be going on air and I will actually be talking about Creativity.  This is my very first experience so wish me well : )

My show will be called "Kreattivita' ma' Doreen" which translates to "Creativity with Doreen" and it will air every Friday morning.  I will give you more details as to when the programme will start very soon.
Thanks for stopping by : )


  1. How exciting Doreen! I wish you all the best with this new endeavour :)

  2. Good luck Doreen. That sounds very exciting.

  3. Hello Doreen~
    I checked out the Radio Station and see we should be able to connect over the internet here in the US.
    Looking forward to your announcement for your 1st Show. I'll be setting the alarm clock since our time difference is 6 hours earlier than yours!

    "Congratulations My Far Away Friend"~ Hugs~ Joann

  4. WOW This is brilliant ! Will I be able to hear it somehow in the UK ? Marion x

  5. Thanks so much Angela, Loree, Joann and Marion for your wishes and encouragement : )
    Yes I think the station can be heard from many countries...I will let you know more details when time is nearer to my 1st show which should be early October.
    Gosh! This is quite a challenge for me!
    Hugs to you all : )

  6. Doreen, I hope your program will be a success, Good Luck sis! I am looking forward to tune in when the moment comes.

  7. Thanks Sue, I will surely let you know : )


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