Friday, August 31, 2012

Rejoice in Hope ~ Tag ~

Lately I seem to enjoy Computer graphics more than making my usual crafts, well it is still a kind of craft.

Today I made two new bookmarks which I have shared on my Whimsical Blog.

This evening I was going through some pictures I have taken in the past and found one I really liked and turned it into an Inspirational Tag/Tile.

Hope you like it! What do you think?

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Housewreath with a difference...

Today I'm featuring a wreath with a difference. My friend Joann of the "Holiday Year-Round Tree" and "Holiday Room" fame has shared her creativity with me again. So with her permission I am posting it here today, hoping it may inspire others to try this lovely, novel and stylish idea.
This could have been a Wordless Wednesday post as the pics are very self explanatory but I had to give credit to my friend.
Thanks again Joann : ) Well done!

As an added footnote I'd like to add that Joann took last year's wreath and just re-arranged the flowers and added the numbers. The numbers are foam and she got these at the Dollar Store. We might need to get ours from a hobby store which would be more expensive or try to cut your own from stencils downloaded from a stencil site on your pc. She coloured the numbers and stuck them onto the wreath with glue dots and toothpicks. Have fun trying to make your own : D

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