Sunday, March 28, 2010

Artisans Market during Valletta Day

Yesterday's Craft Fair went very well.
We were invited by the Malta Crafts Council in collaboration with
the Valletta Council and the Malta Tourist Board to take part in the
festivities of Valletta Day.

There were many participants, we had lots of people browsing and
admiring our work and thankfully, some were also buying : )

As you can see from the above picture, it was sunny (sunglasses) although cloudy,
hot (me wearing a light top) and windy (tablecloth flapping)!

Here is a close-up of my table.

The picture above shows my beaded accessories for
mobiles, keychains or purses. I was quite surprised and
pleased to have a customer returning and asking whether I had
any more with ladybird charms since the one she bought from me
at a previous sale was so very well liked. She bought two more!

These are the new additions to my acrylic painted
watering cans which I decorated for Easter...these attracted quite a few people
who complimented me on them...and I sold a couple too : )

Here are a few of my smallest tealight holders and at the back
is a set of glass painted glasses with a sunflower design.

More decoupage...tealights in different sizes and decorative bottles.

More decorative items in decoupage.

One side of my table.

On the right hand side you can see some of the other stalls in the Artisans Market.

This picture was taken quite early when the market opened so the crowds had not quite set in.


A band march by the Wallace Pipes and Drums along
some of the main streets
in Valletta provided enjoyable Bagpipe music.

The Wallace Pipes and Drums in Queen's Square

Here are some photos of In Guardia displays

During the day I met one of my high school teachers, a nun whom I had not seen for several years, also a cousin again whom I had not met in a long time.

The Mayor of Valletta visited all the stalls and he stopped to chat for a little while with all of us.
A few other friends stopped by as seems the market is quite the place to meet ~ how lovely!

My children came to help me again, we set out quite early and my husband also joined us after work...I guess this is becoming quite a family concern : )
By 3.30pm we were all set to go home, tired but happy and a little sunburnt!
Hmm...must make a note to pack some sunscreen along with my crafts next time!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mark your Calendar...

* Saturday 27th March 2010 from 9.30am to 4pm*
The Artisans Market will once again be in full swing
in St.George's Square
formerly known as the Mainguard
(in front of the President's Palace)
So come on over and meet us, lots of local creative entrepreneurs
from the Maltese handicraft industry.

Spend the morning, afternoon or the whole day if you like, lots to see and do!

Other activities are being organized during this day among which there will also be The Young Enterprise stands as well as band marches to commemorate Valletta Day.

I'm hoping and praying for fair weather : )

Something different for my next Craft Fair

I have been working on painting these watering cans throughout this past week. They are quite small, you could even call them miniatures so painting was a little bit more difficult but I enjoyed it thoroughly. Last week I gave them a coat of primer plus three coats of a basic colour so I could focus on the designs this week.
Here is a closer look.

I think they would look cute with an Easter egg on top!
I love Watering Cans, reminds me of the time my dear Dad
had bought me one as an Easter present.

Friday, March 19, 2010

In full Bloom

Our beautiful Hyacinths are now in full bloom,
the colours are out of this world,
the small flowers that make up each bloom so exquisite.
Its scent fills the air as if a perfume bottle has been left open.
It's a feast to the eye, so delicate yet sturdy.
Every time I look at it, I feel it calling to me to write some verses
on its beauty...maybe I will...

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Irish Blessing

This is so totally and uniquely beautiful, I had to share it here with you especially today being St.Patrick's Day.
Do not be put off by the first part which you and I may not understand although it still sounds so soothing. I am sure you will want to listen to this more times than just once.

The Song comes from the CD "Healing Angel" By Roma Downey (Monica in Touched by an Angel), with music by Phil Coulter.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Hyacinths in bloom

Above is a picture of one of my hyacinths ready to bloom...

and here is one in bloom. I have never taken care of hyacinths before and I think they are beautiful flowers. The bulbs will bloom in future seasons with proper care. I have done some research on the net to learn more about the bulbs and the lovely flowers they produce. Funnily enough on the first page I found an article about Hyacinth Bucket (which she pronounces as Bouquet), the character portrayed by Katherine Patricia Routledge in Keeping Up Appearances. We always enjoyed that show and its re-runs : )
My husband bought me these three bulbs in a basket which I am keeping in my kitchen for the time being since there is good lighting there but I may transfer it to another room later on. Hmm, maybe I could use the flowers in full bloom for 'one of my Candlelight suppers' as Mrs Bucket would say LOL!
P.S. Sorry about the picture not being very clear.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Artisans Market Valletta ~ March 6th 2010

It started off as a dull grey day with clouds promising rain, but my husband and I along with our son ventured out early and were in St.Georges Square by 8am. No tables had been set up as yet and we chose the spot that was actually the same one as I had during the Christmas Fair.

It was quite a chilly morning but we definitely prefer it to a hot day.
As soon as the set-ups, tables and chairs arrived and were duly distributed to the waiting artisans, everyone was happy to have their crafts displayed and set up so that by around 9am the market was set to go! We were by now happy to enjoy a cup of take-away steaming coffee while we waited for the crowds to arrive.
The turnout was pretty good, quite a good number of tourists as well as locals attended so it was a busy scene. One of my first sales was a decoupaged tealight my daughter helped me with and when she joined us later, she was happy to know it was sold although I secretly know the feeling of not wanting to part with something you made!

The above collage is made up of pictures my son took of my craft display and the one below (pics I took) shows the different trades and crafts that were taking part. Although sales were not as good as our Christmas Fair, yet I thoroughly enjoyed the experience especially getting to know the other artisans there.

We were very lucky that it did not rain, thank God, and around mid-day the sun came out and it was quite hot for about an hour or so! So with favourable weather, my family to help out, new friends, nice comments by people who appreciate handmade products as well as having the opportunity to sell my own crafts, what more could I ask?

I would like to thank the team at Malta Crafts Council for their continued help and support and for giving us the opportunity to display and sell our handiwork.


1a Filigree craftsperson

1b Filigree Jewellery display

2 Fabric weaving machine or loom

3 Ceramic Jewellery

4 Natural Handmade soap

5 Ceramics

6 Qubbajt (Maltese nougat)

7 Maltese honey and wax products (incl. a real beehive with bees)

8 Local artist's paintings

9 Basket weaver with his raffia products

10 Some of my glass products & you can also see one of (my sister) Sue's handmade frames.

The day really ended well for when we got home I found mail from the Crafts Council inviting us once more to take part in Fairs that will be organized in different towns and villages around the island so I guess I'm going to be busy, busy once more!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Flat Stanley visits my Craftroom

I have had an important visitor this week...Flat Stanley has travelled over the Big Pond to visit Malta and my family and he was sent on this great adventure by a very special young boy whose name is Matthew and whose Grandma is an online crafting friend of mine. Flat Stanley has visited my crafting room and with a little help (since the brush was almost as big as he is), he has also helped with decoupaging my glass products in readiness for a CraftFair this weekend.
We are working on a journal and some more pictures for Matthew's school project...what a great way to study...I wish we had teachers who thought of teaching this way back in my schooldays!
Flat Stanley is a great little 'boy', very well behaved and I thank Matthew for letting me help in this great project!

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