Monday, March 8, 2010

Artisans Market Valletta ~ March 6th 2010

It started off as a dull grey day with clouds promising rain, but my husband and I along with our son ventured out early and were in St.Georges Square by 8am. No tables had been set up as yet and we chose the spot that was actually the same one as I had during the Christmas Fair.

It was quite a chilly morning but we definitely prefer it to a hot day.
As soon as the set-ups, tables and chairs arrived and were duly distributed to the waiting artisans, everyone was happy to have their crafts displayed and set up so that by around 9am the market was set to go! We were by now happy to enjoy a cup of take-away steaming coffee while we waited for the crowds to arrive.
The turnout was pretty good, quite a good number of tourists as well as locals attended so it was a busy scene. One of my first sales was a decoupaged tealight my daughter helped me with and when she joined us later, she was happy to know it was sold although I secretly know the feeling of not wanting to part with something you made!

The above collage is made up of pictures my son took of my craft display and the one below (pics I took) shows the different trades and crafts that were taking part. Although sales were not as good as our Christmas Fair, yet I thoroughly enjoyed the experience especially getting to know the other artisans there.

We were very lucky that it did not rain, thank God, and around mid-day the sun came out and it was quite hot for about an hour or so! So with favourable weather, my family to help out, new friends, nice comments by people who appreciate handmade products as well as having the opportunity to sell my own crafts, what more could I ask?

I would like to thank the team at Malta Crafts Council for their continued help and support and for giving us the opportunity to display and sell our handiwork.


1a Filigree craftsperson

1b Filigree Jewellery display

2 Fabric weaving machine or loom

3 Ceramic Jewellery

4 Natural Handmade soap

5 Ceramics

6 Qubbajt (Maltese nougat)

7 Maltese honey and wax products (incl. a real beehive with bees)

8 Local artist's paintings

9 Basket weaver with his raffia products

10 Some of my glass products & you can also see one of (my sister) Sue's handmade frames.

The day really ended well for when we got home I found mail from the Crafts Council inviting us once more to take part in Fairs that will be organized in different towns and villages around the island so I guess I'm going to be busy, busy once more!


  1. I'm glad to hear the day went well. Is there a website with more information about fairs like this? I would be interested in going to some one time to have a look!

  2. Doreen, what a wonderful day!
    I'm happy for you.
    Good luck for your future craft sales.

  3. Hello Doreen... quick question for you. I need to find somewhere to purchase some craft supplies but I have no idea where to go. I'm looking for things like rubber stamps and ink pads, glue, as well as cardstock and envelopes maybe. Since crafting is your specialty, I thought I would ask you for your opinion :o)

  4. Hi Angela, I do not have any one particular site but you could check the newspapers or google cultural events in Malta. WOW I'd love to have you visit one of our fairs! I will be posting when and where we will be visiting next.
    As for crafting supplies, you could try different stationeries for your cardstock, glue, envelopes and ink pads, they would probably be much cheaper than a hobby shop. I do buy some supplies from Hobbyworld in Mosta occasionally and also from VeeGeeBee in Valletta across from the Old Theatre in Republic street. I also buy stationery from Maistre in Melita Str, Valletta. Hope that helps!
    Oh by the way you could also buy from eBay, so much cheaper!! I guess you wish you could have brought Michael's with you eh : )
    Happy Crafting!

    Thanks dear sis for your sweet comments and good wishes, I was thinking of you during that day!
    (((Big Hugs)))

  5. I love looking at your beautiful talent. Thanks for sharing. Glad the day went well :)

  6. Thanks Lee for stopping by, I always appreciate your encouraging comments : )


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