Sunday, August 30, 2009

Another idea for a recycled paper bag

Would you like to decorate another paper bag, let's get everything ready...

You will need:

  • Your 'free' paper bag (we now have paper bags galore instead of the usual plastic ones),

  • acrylic paint (any colour),

  • small paint brush,

  • a few drops of water,

  • mixing bowl and plastic spoon,
  • piece of cardboard to try out stamp,
  • scissors,
  • hole-punch,
  • ribbons,
  • something to print with, I used the bottom of an empty water bottle...

Are you ready, let's go...

Having mixed some of your acrylic paint into your mixing bowl, add a few drops of water and mix thoroughly with a spoon (not like I did with the brush as I got it too loaded with paint...I was in a rush to make a sample to take it to the centre while also trying to take photographs single-handed ~ talk of multi-tasking!)

Now load your brush with paint and paint the (outside of the) bottom of your water bottle...use several coats of paint to cover this area well...mine was super loaded LOL!
You can try stamping your design on a piece of cardboard first before stamping on your bag.

When you are confident that your design is looking good, start stamping on your bag. Do not overlap designs unless the first ones have dried. Use your imagination and enjoy your stamping. If you have something else you could stamp with, will find there are loads of things around the house you could stamp with.

KIDS: Please ask an adult for permission to use whatever you have chosen as your stamp.

Stamp your pattern all over the bag.

Do not overload your stamping medium so that you will get a uniform can see I did just that except towards the right of the picture just to show the difference ;)

Let the paint dry thoroughly before stamping the other side.

Once totally dry, use a punch to make holes along each edge of the bag.

Open the fold on one side and start threading your ribbon from one hole down to the next one along the side (not from front to back flaps as that will close up your bag).

Make a bow or tie...depending on whatever you choose to make, cut equal pieces of ribbon to complete this added feature.

Do the same all along each side, front and back.

And there you have it, another pretty recycled bag


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

How lovely ~ another Award!!!

A Big THANK YOU goes to my sister again for yet another lovely award and I really love this one as it has the word Kreativ in it : )
Hop on to her blog CraftySusie
Sue has such great talent and she is always
so generous in sharing her ideas and her work.

Thanks Sue! I am honoured to receive this award.

There are a few rules that come along with this award. To accept the award I have to do a few things:
1. Thank the person who nominated me for this award.

2. Copy the logo and place it on my blog.
3. Link the person who nominated me for this award.
4. Name
seven things about me that people might find interesting.
5. Nominate seven blogs.

6. Post links to the seven blogs that I nominate.

7. Leave comments on all seven blogs letting them know I nominated them.

Now here comes the difficult part since all the blogs I follow merit this award in some way or another but I have to make a choice so here goes...

Red Mommy Crafts
Crafty This and That
Daisy Soap Girl
The Soap Barn
Bran Made Tags
Tammi's Recipe Box

Well, here are the 7 interesting (I hope) things about me...
  1. I collect thimbles and teapots.
  2. I will try any craft, at least once.
  3. I love watching clouds and stars (a dreamer maybe) : )
  4. I hate noise, crowds and loud music.
  5. I always dream of having a house by the sea or a lake.
  6. I used to play the guitar in my teenage years and also wrote my own songs.
  7. I have written a poetry book which I am hoping to publish one day, hopefully soon!


Friday, August 21, 2009

Healthy Tomatoes with recipe for Tuna Stuffed Tomatoes

are plentiful at this time of year and although the prices are fluctuating, it is definitely one of the best foods to include in our everyday diet.

Tomatoes are actually a fruit and not a here all about The Amazing Health Benefits of the Tomato

Here is a recipe I made recently:



  • 8 large round tomatoes, washed, dried, halved and seeds removed
  • 2 -185gr cans tuna (water or oil packed) drained well
  • 1 - 2 anchovy fillets cut into small pieces (Optional - you many want to leave these out if cooking for children)
  • 1/2 cup of fresh breadcrumbs
  • 8-10 preferably black olives chopped (I used green)
  • 3 black olives sliced for garnish
  • dash of Worcestershire sauce
  • 2 teaspoons of fresh mint or basil washed, patted dry and chopped
  • drizzle of olive oil
  • some capers for garnish
  • Optional: 2-3 tablespoons of Mayonnaise

Prepare your tomatoes on a large platter. Scoop out some of the pulp and reserve. Cover or refrigerate tomatoes until you prepare the mixture for stuffing. Flake tuna in a medium bowl, add all other prepared ingredients, mix well. Add the reserved pulp cut up into small pieces. At this point you could mix in the mayo if desired. Spoon generously into prepared tomatoes, add olives and capers for garnish. Refrigerate for a couple of hours. Serve on fresh lettuce with crusty bread or crispbread.

NOTE: You could also add a chopped hard-boiled egg to the tuna mixture.

Tuna-Stuffed Tomatoes are fresh and light, and make a great main course for lunch or can replace a salad at dinner.


Edited August 22nd, 09: For those who have already read the recipe, please note I have adjusted it adding the scooped out tomatoes to the filling mixure and the optional mayo as one of the ingredients...these will make it more moist. Sorry I forgot to add them in the first place. Alternatively you could also add more olive oil if it is too dry. Let me know if you try this recipe : )

Monday, August 17, 2009

Magic Moments

NOTE: Please switch off the music on my blog before viewing/listening to the video

I came across this presentation of the wonderful Perry Como singing Magic Moments recorded in 1957 and thought of sharing this lovely song with you.
I was only a few years old when it hit the charts and I remember it was a popular song for many years; in fact it was one of my Mum and Dad's favourites.
With music by Burt Bacharach (my Dad's favourite composer) and lyrics by Hal David, it was one of the first compositions by this duo.
It was interesting to know, through a search I made, that Bacharach began his career as a conductor and arranger, and toured widely for three years as accompanist-conductor for the legendary Marlene Dietrich beginning in 1958...hmm, I had not even started school then so I don't think it is something I would remember : )
The arrangement is the magical part of this song, with 4 sopranos, 1 alto, 3 tenors, 1 baritone, 1 bass, celeste and bells, guitar, bass and drums, and bassoon !
And I love the whistling part too : )
All I have to say is that hearing it again has brought back some wonderful old-time feel-good Magic Moments...PC's voice is certainly smooth and silky and hearing his songs always reminds me of Christmases past with all the sweet smells of baking and the aroma and happy feel of 'home'!

The background in this video is mostly made up from vintage 1950's photos.


CREDIT I would like to give credit and thanks to Moonbeam001 for putting up this video presentation.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Perseids are here!

During the Lija fireworks on the night of 5th of August - a bright and clear shooting star was seen over Birkirkara from the north side - it seemed so near and the colour was amazing - all of us watching the fireworks saw it and at first we thought it was part of the fireworks...but soon we realised it was not from the fields where the display was being set off. Actually the flame came right through the sky, it was beautiful to watch.

This year's Perseid meteor shower, known to many as the Tears of St. Lawrence, or Dmugħ ta' San Lawrenz, will peak on Wednesday-Thursday night and taper off till about August 15th.

Earth is still inside the debris stream of Comet Swift-Tuttle and, as a result, the Perseid meteor shower is still active. So if it's dark where you live, go outside and look for meteors. Try to avoid other sources of light in order to get the best views. Moonlight will interfere with the display, but not ruin it. Face away from it and look towards the northeast.

Not every light that streaks across the night sky is a Perseid. Some of them could even be spy satellites!

The Astronomical Society of Malta is holding an observation session at Irdum tal-Madonna, L-Ahrax, limits of Mellieha, starting at 9 p.m. today Wednesday. The public is invited to attend.

Wherever you are I hope you will be able to catch a few of the hundreds that will be visible.

Enjoy the spectacle!

P.S. Here is a link to some photos (3 pages) of the meteor shower of this year:

UPDATE: Just before going to bed last night or early this morning since it was around 2am, I rolled up our bedroom blind to get a better view of the skies from our bed and I was thrilled to see one more shooting star (could be two as they were going in different directions but close together). My son also saw another two at around the same time. So I guess it was worth the wait.
Around 5am this morning, I was up and looked at the skies again. I could see the early light of dawn and nothing was moving at first, then I think I saw some flashes of light but I don't know whether it was just my sleepy eyes or whether I had been dreaming!

I do hope many of you were able to see part of the meteor shower ~
It is when we notice and appreciate these things
that our everyday life becomes an adventure!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

...and on to Tower Road...De Redin Tower

Our stroll took us up to Tower Road and, of course, It-Torri which is famous for giving this road its name. This is a very frequented area both by Maltese and foreigners alike. A great stretch of pavement (sidewalk) provides an ample and safe promenade for joggers, families with children or pet owners out to stretch their legs...both owners' legs and pets' : )
One can also see several seniors sitting on the double benches conversing with their relatives and friends.
This area brings back many cherished memories of when we were young and where we used to meet family and friends alike spending many happy hours talking, playing or enjoying a snack especially at the Tower which has been serving as an open air restaurant for as long as I can remember.
I'm sorry the photos are not very sharp, I had to make do without the flash since all I was getting were very dark pictures and my hand must have been shaking a little when I took these pictures.
The Tower is one of thirteen fortified watch towers built by Grand Master De Redin of the Knights of read more about these towers click here...

Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Stroll along Balluta Bay

Emmanuele Luigi Galizia, the proponent of Gothic Revival in Malta
designed the Carmelite Church in Balluta Bay

Balluta Bay is on the northeast coast of Malta between the towns of Sliema and St.Julians (San Giljan). It is a popular recreation spot and a well known area by locals and tourists alike. The promenade provides a lovely walk along the bay and goes both ways towards Spinola Bay as well as towards Sliema on the other side.

With my DH having a few days off this week, we were able to go out more often especially in the evenings. One such occasion was when we went over to the Sliema/St.Julians area for a stroll along the Promenade. It has been ages since we did this...we really don't like crowds and with the parking problem it is definitely something we don't do often. Thanks to our son's GF's kind gesture she offered to drive us there, so my DH did not have to worry about parking at all. I'm so glad I took my camera along with me as I was able to capture a few lovely pictures of this beautiful area to share with you.

The picture at the top of this posting shows the neo-gothic Carmelite Parish Church overlooking Balluta Bay and dominating the skyline on this one side. It is such a relief to see that the fine
cluster of terraced townhouses in the local variant of Georgian-style architecture still stands (see old picture below). On the opposite side, that is on the south shore of the Bay, a modern hotel Le Méridien St.Julian's Hotel, built on the grounds surrounding the 18th century Villa Cassar Torregiani outlines the skyline on this side and stands in contrast to the opposite could even say this is where old meets new!

The picture above is the south shore of the bay across from the church ... here you may be able to see a water-polo pitch and several shops and apartments overlooking this side of the inlet. The hotel I mentioned above is situated on this side but is not in the picture.

The stunning art nouveau
Balluta Buildings

These are the stunning art nouveau Balluta Buildings, which are apartment buildings on the eastern shore.
Giuseppe Psaila (1891–1960) and Andrea Vassallo (1856–1928) were the two prominent architects who created this masterpiece, Balluta Buildings, completed in 1928. These two architects focused on the more sinuous, nature-inspired features of Art Nouveau.

They are still as imposing as when they were constructed in 1928 but we noticed that, unfortunately, they are in quite a pitiful state and as far as we could see mostly uninhabited. We are hoping something will be done soon to preserve this historical building.

This is an old picture of Balluta Bay which I found as public domain ~ Notice how deserted the streets were then and with barely any traffic. I can just make out a bus passing in front of the church.
You might even notice a difference in the church facade which was refurbished some years ago along with an extension to accommodate the ever-increasing population. Both the church and Balluta Buildings can be seen clearly here in their prime.

ST. JULIANS is an extension of Sliema. It started as a small fishing port around the two bays of Spinola and Balluta but like Sliema it is now a major residential town and tourist centre with numerous shops, restaurants and hotels.

This was only part of our stroll of course...we had a lovely evening and a delicious meal on the terrace of one of the fine dining places overlooking the sea. I wish we could do this every day but then it would not be so special!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Check this out ~ ~ ~ Free Giveaway

Tammi from Tammi's Recipe Box is giving away a lovely crochet book as her first giveaway.

To participate go to or click on the above picture.

Remember the Deadline for this is August 10th at 11.00 PM eastern time.

Thanks Tammi for having this open to all besides the US.

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