Tuesday, August 11, 2009

...and on to Tower Road...De Redin Tower

Our stroll took us up to Tower Road and, of course, It-Torri which is famous for giving this road its name. This is a very frequented area both by Maltese and foreigners alike. A great stretch of pavement (sidewalk) provides an ample and safe promenade for joggers, families with children or pet owners out to stretch their legs...both owners' legs and pets' : )
One can also see several seniors sitting on the double benches conversing with their relatives and friends.
This area brings back many cherished memories of when we were young and where we used to meet family and friends alike spending many happy hours talking, playing or enjoying a snack especially at the Tower which has been serving as an open air restaurant for as long as I can remember.
I'm sorry the photos are not very sharp, I had to make do without the flash since all I was getting were very dark pictures and my hand must have been shaking a little when I took these pictures.
The Tower is one of thirteen fortified watch towers built by Grand Master De Redin of the Knights of Malta...to read more about these towers click here...

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