Friday, August 12, 2011


Welcome friends from far and near!

Sorry this is a little late in posting but I had problems with trying to post this by scheduling the time on the did not work for me! Anyway here I am posting it direct...

This week I accepted my sister Sue's invitation to participate in her

Weekend Shadow Blog Link Party.

I chose a picture from my files which I had taken a few years ago at San Anton Gardens, my favourite place to stroll about or read a book in or just to take in the serenity of this wonderful place which also forms part of the Presidential Gardens in Attard.

The Shadow of the Trees

I enjoy the shadow of the trees
It fills me with awe-inspiring peace
I take in the moment,
Let it encompass my soul,
Till it becomes a part of me...
God's wonders make me whole.

D. Scerri © 2011

I could not resist writing a poem

to go with the picture I chose.

Thanks Sue for this opportunity to take part in
your Weekend Shadow Link Party : )
You are an inspiration!

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