Saturday, April 30, 2011

My new Beaded Bracelet

I made this early this morning just after breakfast and can't believe I made it myself! Yesterday I watched a tutorial for making beaded beads to use in making a bracelet. Actually I watched it several times but when I tried it, I was not too enthusiastic about it so I took what I learned from the tutorial and adjusted it according to what I thought would look good and what would sell too : )
I honestly never thought I'd make such sophisticated looking and complicated jewellery but I did!!! So never say never but try and try again! So here's another item to add to my Jewellery collection for my next Fairs. Thanks for looking : )

I want to say a special Thank you to my on-line Voy friend Linda (Shilo) who has always inspired me and encouraged me to bead and who incidentally posted the tutorial on our favourite forum Craftsayings

Thursday, April 28, 2011

New Earring Designs

Here are my latest creations in earrings
which I am stocking up for our up-coming fairs in May and June.

The top picture shows my butterfly earrings
which come in my new range of Spring Simplicities
which feature butterflies, flowers and other
spring related charms.

All have co-ordinating beads to make a lovely pair
of dangle earrings which are very attractive
when they catch the light in their motion.

The picture above shows the earrings I made to add
to my collection of:

Tibetan Tales,

Bright Beads


Sandy Beaches

Each pair is unique, carefully made using
a hand wrapped wiring technique
and although I might use the same charms,
there is always variation in the beading and sequence of design.

I hope you find these attractive.

What do you think?

Which style is your favourite?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Figolla Recipe Success

On Saturday April 11th, 2009 I wrote about our traditional Figolli and posted a recipe for making here for the original post

It was lovely to hear from Michelle, one of my followers, and to know that she made these the first time using the recipe I posted and that they turned out so well. Thanks Michelle for sharing your success with me and as promised here is the picture you shared of one of your yummy figolli. Although the photo of your Bear figolla is quite small, one can tell you did such a fine job!

Well done Michelle and thanks again!

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Wishing you all a Wonderful Easter!



Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday and Earth Day

By pure coincidence Good Friday and Earth Day came together this year. I have stopped to reflect about this, about how life and death come together. When Jesus went through his ordeal of suffering and death, He also gave us back the right to eternal life with Our Creator. So thinking of Jesus' death and suffering and then His Resurrection that gave us New Life fills us with Hope and hope brings life. When we think of our Earth and see the catastrophes happening everywhere, we might say to ourselves there is nothing we can do. But really there is lots we can do, if only every one of us did his little part our planet could be a much happier, safer and healthier place. We may not be able to stop disasters but every action, each word, every little bit on our part helps in making our Earth a better place. It is a pity to see so much lack of concern that many have for Creation. May we all do our part in changing our bad habits and see them die so that we can see a new Earth.

Lord as we celebrate this season of Hope and Life,

may we see the Earth richly blessed

with Peace and may the Resurrection Promise

fill our hearts with Love and Hope.


The next time Earth Day and Good Friday converge is in the year 2095

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Fruit and Vegetable Festival

It is the time of year for outdoor spring activities and what better start
than to go to Fairs and Festivals with an exciting array of attractions
and yummy treats in beautiful surroundings.>
My recent craft show was at the Fruit and Vegetable Festival held in the Presidential Palace Courtyard on Sunday April 3rd. I am so glad my daughter urged me to attend as there was a great turnout and the day was lovely, in fact I think it was the warmest spring day so far.

Here are some pictures from this lovely festival.

My Craft Table

One of the beautiful fabric ornaments that Sue made for me and which was sold to one person along with another similar craft, thanks Sis : )

My mobile/purse charms and peg your notes magnets

Some more of my crafts

The crowds enjoying the warm day and the stalls

Beautiful succulent strawberries

Another stall with strawberries

Flower Stalls

Yummy chocolate covered Maltese nougat

~~~ Be on the look out for news of my next Fair ~~~

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