Thursday, April 28, 2011

New Earring Designs

Here are my latest creations in earrings
which I am stocking up for our up-coming fairs in May and June.

The top picture shows my butterfly earrings
which come in my new range of Spring Simplicities
which feature butterflies, flowers and other
spring related charms.

All have co-ordinating beads to make a lovely pair
of dangle earrings which are very attractive
when they catch the light in their motion.

The picture above shows the earrings I made to add
to my collection of:

Tibetan Tales,

Bright Beads


Sandy Beaches

Each pair is unique, carefully made using
a hand wrapped wiring technique
and although I might use the same charms,
there is always variation in the beading and sequence of design.

I hope you find these attractive.

What do you think?

Which style is your favourite?


  1. Hello Doreen, how are you?
    Wow, I like very much them!

  2. Sis, I think they are all lovely. Well done!
    I like them all but the Tibetan Tales are the ones I prefer... I go for plain jewellery.
    Keep up the good work!

  3. Your earrings are beautiful, Doreen! Not sure I could pick out a favorite. But they all have just the right amount of dangle! I love the bottom set especially with the colored beads. But all are totally gorgeous!

    Thanks for inquiring about Women to Women. Our writing team was finding it more and more difficult to keep up that blog with all the others we had, and I was feeling a nudge to other areas of ministry. We have not really closed the site, just in case I wanted to pick it up again. Should God lead in that direction, it will ready to start back up. Thank you for your support for it.

  4. Those are very pretty Doreen. Hope to see you at one of the fairs.


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