Saturday, April 30, 2011

My new Beaded Bracelet

I made this early this morning just after breakfast and can't believe I made it myself! Yesterday I watched a tutorial for making beaded beads to use in making a bracelet. Actually I watched it several times but when I tried it, I was not too enthusiastic about it so I took what I learned from the tutorial and adjusted it according to what I thought would look good and what would sell too : )
I honestly never thought I'd make such sophisticated looking and complicated jewellery but I did!!! So never say never but try and try again! So here's another item to add to my Jewellery collection for my next Fairs. Thanks for looking : )

I want to say a special Thank you to my on-line Voy friend Linda (Shilo) who has always inspired me and encouraged me to bead and who incidentally posted the tutorial on our favourite forum Craftsayings


  1. Lovely bracelet , well done!
    I am sure they will sell well.

  2. Lovely bracelet. It's so pink and feminine.

  3. Great job!! It's so pretty!!

  4. Thanks Sue, Lee, Loree and Amber, you are all awesome! I think I will try making some more : )


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