Monday, May 2, 2011

Easy Custard-filled tarts

These are the custard filled tarts my daughter and I made for Easter tea. They were easy to make since we bought the basic empty sweet tarts which we filled with yummy custard. If you try these, make sure your custard has cooled down before filling the empty cases. In fact we kept stirring the custard until it cooled completely not to let it form a hardened layer on top. It takes time but is worth the effort. We left it in the fridge to cool it further and then spooned it into the tartlets. The chocolate eggs in the picture were made by my daughter...she made halves first and then made a second batch into moulds which she topped with the first halves...very tricky yes, but the result was great! We grated some chocolate over some of the tarts. Needless to say it took us less time to eat these than to make them!


  1. Yummy... they look nice and delicious!
    Wow did Chelle really make the eggs?... how clever!

  2. Those look delicious Doreen.


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