Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New items on our Craft Table by Shadow Scents

Hello everyone, as you know from my last post we were at the Spring Fair at San Anton Gardens this past weekend. I am sorry we did not see the crowds we had last year but I guess it was all due to the fact that there were many other activities in other towns and villages all on the same day.
Anyway, you may have noticed in my title I said 'our' craft table and that is because I am happy to say that my daughter has joined me in the world of creativity and has ventured into another sphere of crafting, this time in making her own candles, candle melts as well as hand blended perfume oils. These were quite a hit and many stopped by our stall when the scent of melting wax tarts tickled their noses and drew them closer. Some were also interested in the perfume oils which proved to be quite a hit. Also from the title you will notice the name of these new products is Shadow Scents. I love the colours she has come up with and the scents are heavenly.


  1. Wish I was there to smell those scents!
    I love your table and congrats to Chelle for her new candles and scents, she has come up with a very nice logo too.
    Well done to both.

  2. They look so pretty. I hope she has a lot of success. We couldn't make it unfortunately. My son had fever (again) and I was busy cleaning and preparing for my parents in law's visit.

  3. Thanks Sue, I wish you would have been here too.
    Hi Loree, I do hope your son is fine now... yes I knew you probably would not make it, hopefully you will for one of our forthcoming fairs : ) Enjoy your in-laws' visit.
    Chelle says thanks to both of you too.


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