Sunday, April 17, 2011

Fruit and Vegetable Festival

It is the time of year for outdoor spring activities and what better start
than to go to Fairs and Festivals with an exciting array of attractions
and yummy treats in beautiful surroundings.>
My recent craft show was at the Fruit and Vegetable Festival held in the Presidential Palace Courtyard on Sunday April 3rd. I am so glad my daughter urged me to attend as there was a great turnout and the day was lovely, in fact I think it was the warmest spring day so far.

Here are some pictures from this lovely festival.

My Craft Table

One of the beautiful fabric ornaments that Sue made for me and which was sold to one person along with another similar craft, thanks Sis : )

My mobile/purse charms and peg your notes magnets

Some more of my crafts

The crowds enjoying the warm day and the stalls

Beautiful succulent strawberries

Another stall with strawberries

Flower Stalls

Yummy chocolate covered Maltese nougat

~~~ Be on the look out for news of my next Fair ~~~


  1. Hi sis! I am happy to see you posting again.
    Wow... that was a great festival!
    I am glad you had a nice turnout, your handcrafts are beautiful.

  2. I was not even aware of this fair. I wish they would advertise them a bit better. Glad you had such a good turnout.

  3. Hi Sue thanks, yes I am glad to be back to blogging again : )
    Hello Loree, I was not even aware of it either and I only got to know about it a day before. As I said in my post, it is thanks to our daughter who encouraged me and said she would help that we did go since it was quite a last minute decision so to speak!

  4. Doreen welcome back! I agree with Loree, I wish they would advertise the local fairs more as there are so many that I never hear of until after they have finished! Looks like it was a successful and beautiful day to have a fair though :)

  5. It looked like a successful fair. Lovely stuff you had in your stall.

  6. Thanks Angela and Zen for your most welcome comments. I will try and post about upcoming fairs so check back soon : )


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