Friday, March 12, 2010

Hyacinths in bloom

Above is a picture of one of my hyacinths ready to bloom...

and here is one in bloom. I have never taken care of hyacinths before and I think they are beautiful flowers. The bulbs will bloom in future seasons with proper care. I have done some research on the net to learn more about the bulbs and the lovely flowers they produce. Funnily enough on the first page I found an article about Hyacinth Bucket (which she pronounces as Bouquet), the character portrayed by Katherine Patricia Routledge in Keeping Up Appearances. We always enjoyed that show and its re-runs : )
My husband bought me these three bulbs in a basket which I am keeping in my kitchen for the time being since there is good lighting there but I may transfer it to another room later on. Hmm, maybe I could use the flowers in full bloom for 'one of my Candlelight suppers' as Mrs Bucket would say LOL!
P.S. Sorry about the picture not being very clear.

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  1. Lovely flowers indeed!
    I wish I could keep some but with Toddy around it's nearly impossible. Doreen, do you remember that beautiful plant I had planted from mum's seeds(the mother of thousands)? Well I had to put it out on our landing this Winter because of Toddy trying to eat it and unfortunately it died :( I was afraid he would have been sick if he ate any leaves because it is a poisonous plant.
    I have only artifical plastic plants now ... well those are always green LOL!


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