Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Painted Butterflies - a Craft for Spring!

This was a craft I did with a class last year during our Parish summer club for kids. It was an introduction to the basic concept of glass painting since some of them were too young for this.
You can see the patterns (see photo) we used to trace onto acrylic sheets (transparencies) using permanent markers. We then cut the sheets and painted the butterflies using glitter glue. We let them dry and then glued them onto wooden scewers to use as plant pokes. These were very popular with the kids and they thoroughly enjoyed making them.
I hope these will be inspirational to some of you, so enjoy being creative while decorating your plants this spring.


  1. What a cute and colourful idea!

  2. Very pretty!! I will have to try this with my girls!!

  3. Thanks for your comments Sue and Amber, yes they are very colourful especially when they catch the light.
    Amber the children in my class were aged about 6-11. Let me know if you need any questions answered on how to make them : )

  4. I think I am going to try this project with some Developmentaly Disabled teens this summer. I ahve everything around here..hopefully my glitter glue has not all dried up! Love the idea!TFS

  5. Hi Cathy, how lovely to 'see' you here!
    It's great to know you will be trying this project too, let me know if you need any questions answered.
    One note I should maybe add here is that kids prefer to apply the glitter glue very thickly and this tends to take very long to dry...you have to watch them as it can also get messy but it's lots of fun!

  6. What a great gift to give with flowers for someone in the hospital.Thank you so much for the idea!


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