Saturday, March 7, 2009

Another Recycling Project

A Cork based Trivet

Have you ever looked at something before you decide to throw it away, trying to find a use for it...I do that so many times!

Would you call me a hoarder?

Some may just call me crazy...I think it is just my creativity taking over!

I knew I could definitely do something with the middle part I cut off of the cake base to make my wreath. I looked and looked and thought a little and looked again. Yep, I knew just what to do with it...a cork trivet. At least I could also use all the corks I had been saving for so long. So here is what I did...

The most difficult part was cutting the corks up into circles and trying to make them all equal in thickness as much as possible. It is very important to have a sturdy cutting board and a good craft knife (for the younger crafters: please make sure this part is done by an adult). Since you have to cut so close to the edge of the cork, it is imperative that you concentrate so please do this part of the project without interruptions or distractions and work slowly cutting in a sawing motion, gently working your way down the cork circumference.

I cut more circles than I needed so that I could place them in the best possible way to go around the base. After cutting them, I grouped them according to the thicknesses since some varied although by only a fraction of a cm.

The best way to start is by placing one cork circle in the centre and work your way around in circles. When I was happy with the way the trivet looked, I glued down each piece separately.

Et voila!

My cork trivet!


  1. How nice to see you posting your craft projects!
    I hope to see more.

  2. Thanks Sis, I am enjoying this : )

  3. Doreen i enjoyed your blog so such!
    Was looking for tutorials to post for thursday and found this one (brilliant!)
    relinking it hope that's be alright and i'll be back to post more.
    big hugs and thank you for dropping by.
    Lord bless you

  4. LOL it took me a while to trace which tutorial you were talking about! Yes of course I'd be honoured to have a link from your blog to mine.
    I'm so glad you are enjoying my posts, thanks for your encouraging comments.
    Blessings to you too,
    Doreen : )


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