Monday, March 9, 2009

Sixteenth Century Churches with an interesting history

This is a 16th century church, one of the 3 churches in Three Churches Street Balzan very close to where we live...I love walking through this area when I go out walking. The stone steps to the right are the base on which stands an old cemetary cross.
If you look closely to the right side of the door you will see a marble is a close up...

A literal translation of this 18th century inscription in Italian would be 'does not enjoy ecclesiastical immunity' meant that this church did not have the right to shelter outlaws.

The three churches were the Annunciation of Our Lady, (the main parish church up to 1655), on its west side is St Roque, (built during a terrible plague in 1593) and on the other side St Leonard, patron saint of slaves. The latter cannot be recognised as an old church nowadays since it was converted to a house several years ago. It was originally built in 1575.

Here is a picture of the other church and a close-up of the ornate work in the corner of the doorway...notice the same marble inscription.
You can also see the shadow of the old cemetary cross.

I have to give credit to my daughter for taking these lovely pictures. It was a beautiful day in late spring of last year when these were taken as we walked together through this area and on to San Anton Gardens. On this same day she also took some beautiful photos in the gardens. I will post these in the next posting.


  1. Wow!! How beautiful!! I love anything of historical value!! How blessed you are to live near there!! TFS!!

  2. Hi Amber,
    How nice to see you visiting my blog.
    Thanks for posting.

  3. Doreen, it's so nice to see more pictures of my beloved homeland.

  4. I am so glad you are enjoying the pictures sis.
    Doreen : )


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