Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy to Wear my GREEN Today

I was very happy to wear the lovely pin that my SS sent me. Of course I had to take it off my year round tree for today and pinned it to my jacket as I went in to Valletta this morning.

St.Pat's is not widely celebrated here on our island except in certain communities or associations but it is always so nice to remember this special day. I do remember the days at school when we used to make sure we had something green to wear. There used to be an old haberdashery store just across the street from our school and that must have been the one day in the year when the lady there sold the most yards of green ribbons!


  1. awwwww.....how cute! I bet no one pinched you today!

  2. How pretty!
    Lovely pin!
    Yes, I remember we used to wear Irish green ribbons at school for St.Pat's ... now those were the days... eh!!!
    Nice of you to remind me of that sis.

  3. No Roberta, no one pinched me for sure LOL!
    I did get a compliment by one lady on how lovely the pin was and that she too remembers the 'Green' days at her school!
    Yes Sue those sure were the days ~ lovely memories!

  4. That is so pretty!! I made sure we had our green on today! Do you know that Jaiden was the only one in green today at school?? She also was the only one is red or pink on Valentine's Day. I personally think that when kids are that young is when we as parents need to instill the fun traditions!

  5. Thanks Amber : ) I still have to find out who made it for me as it is from my SecretSister! I wonder if it is you!
    How lovely that you are teaching your kids to enjoy traditions, I think they are very important.


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