Monday, March 2, 2009

More Pictures ~ San Anton Gardens

Some of you have emailed me to say how much they
liked my first post and that they'd like to see more
pictures of the they are, enjoy!

I'm now really looking forward to spring after the long winter months. The gardens with all the different flowers in a variety of colours will be such a lovely treat to capture on camera.


  1. Hi Doreen,
    I like the pictures of San Anton Gardens that make up part of the President's residence... I remember when mum used to take us there when we were kids... do you have any of the President's Palace... the former British Governor's Palace?

  2. I just noticed the 3rd picture ... are those little turtles?

  3. Thanks Sue for your comments. Yes after the Grand Masters, the British Governor made the Palace their home and built the arcaded verandah beneath the turret. Sorry I have not taken pictures of the President's Palace, I would love to take some hopefully on a special day, and most probably only from the outside.
    You are right...those are little turtles, really cute aren't they? And they hardly moved!



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