Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Lists, Lists and more Lists...

Have you ever thought about how our
To Do/Shopping/Gift Buying/Holiday
lists reveal so much about us?

Have you ever noticed a shopping list in your cart
or on a shelf that was left behind by someone
and resisted the urge to read it?

You don't know the person but...

... you feel as if you're intruding on their privacy if you read it as lists are truly a part of us. We can't live without lists, well, at least I can't. Lists can take the form of entries in your diary, reminders on your calendar, notes scribbled on a piece of paper but all with the intent of recording something that will be a reminder to you later on. It is amazing how revealing these notes can be. All these notes put together make lists but we also need to group our tasks and know our priorities.

A shopping list shows the eating habits of a person or a family and their lifestyle including diets, healthy eating habits or otherwise, a sweet tooth, food preferences and so much more.

The way you write your list and how you prioritise is another indication.

A list is actually a unique window opening onto what and who we really are!

Nowadays one can download a programme for shopping lists or reminders but I prefer the traditional method. Reminders, lists and knowing one's priorites can help make managing your task loads so much more fun and motivational!
Today I have made several lists and I feel much better knowing what needs to be done this week as it is turning out to be a very hectic one. I think this is the best way to get things done!

Out of a list of 12 Things To Do, I have managed to do 6 of them ~ Hurray!

Besides this To Do List, I also made up the Menu for this week, a Shopping List and a List of Items we need for our weekend away.

I love to have my lists handy and where I can see them. The side of my fridge is a great motivational place to keep them along with other inspirational magnets with lovely messages!

It's a great feeling to cross off items from my To Do List and now this posting is yet another project done!


  1. One can never have to many...I have them on my fridge and in my car and in my purse in different forms but it seems I never have the one I need when I am some place! Yes they do reveal a lot about a person and yes I am guilty of reading others lists in baskets in stores or glancing on fridges when at others houses. You are way ahead of me on my lists for this week. I have a list of 14 on my fridge and have 3 done but some won't get done unless I get my car back as I am not allowed animals in my car and one needs a vet appt. to look at a sore spot on his foot and 2 need grooming appts.!My work list is a daily kist that aI usually accomplish close to 100% so it does get done without carry over except maybe this week! LOL

  2. I too can't live without my lists or reminders.
    I have noticed that aging hasn't helped my memory so lists and reminders are very important.
    My fridge is always full of post-it notes with reminders and with what-to-do lists.....but the most important list I prepare at least once a year is my Travel List.... all the things I would need on my holiday.

  3. Interesting! I have never thought about lists that way! I live by lists! I keep my grocery in a notebook that way when I made a new one, I can look at the older ones to see if I am forgetting anything. I am a huge list maker!

  4. If you can't find the pudding mix, let me know and I will send you some. It is so good!!

  5. I'm glad you found this interesting : ) Yes I guess we all do live by lists even if they are in our head somehow. I hope you all managed to do everything on your lists last week ladies! Somehow with the Lord'd help I did : ) I usually carry quite a few to the next list though!
    Thanks Amber for your offer, I will be on the look out next time at the stores.


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