Tuesday, March 31, 2009

And the wind blew, it blew so hard...

it almost blew my laundry away!

There were a few days last week when we had very strong winds. It is when you can't leave doors or windows open. It is when you really have to watch your hat if you are out in the street or that you don't get hit by the waving clothes, especially when they are still wet ~ OUCH!

I could not resist the temptation to run downstairs, grab my camera and get a few shots to share with you...

The clouds were also amazing...I love that blue sky!

I have just finished writing this poem inspired by this posting and the pictures...
Such force the wind has
in its versatility...
in its agility,
as it moves the clouds,
dances with leaves,
caresses flowers...

From a gentle breeze to
a gale force wind,
first it softly touches,
then moves, displaces,
bends or breaks
anything in its path.
It grips in its clutches,
roughly pushes,
mysteriously carries,
wonderfully creates,
mercilessly destroys.....

Yet on and on it blows...
I hear your song,
I feel your touch,
I see your beauty...
A singing wind,
a refreshing wind,
Just doing your duty!
I ask...
Where do you come from?
Where do you go?
And you just
b l o w !
Doreen Scerri ©

~ Thank you Lord for the wind that dried my laundry today! ~


  1. What a lovely poem! The picture of the laundry is very good! You should submit it to a photo ocntest! It really captures the day.

    I would love to have a clothes line to dry my clothes! They are really looked down upon here. Some areas have rules aganist them! I think there is nothing better than fresh air dried sheets and quilts!

  2. Your laundry drys quickly with that strong wind.
    I remember when we were small and mum would take us up on the roof to gather the laundry with her... do you remember, Doreen? We used to have such a nice time playing hopscotch up there.
    Well your wind has brought me back some nice memories, thanks.
    Your poem is lovely too!


  3. Well Amber in some areas here there are restrictions too especially in the newer areas, like you I love fresh air dried sheets although in summer the sun gets too hot and the clothes seem to dry starched so I guess there is good and bad both ways : )
    Yes indeed Sue I remember how we used to help Mum...thanks for the memory of us playing hopscotch, lovely memories eh!
    Thanks ladies for your comments!

  4. Oh forgot to say thanks for commenting on my poem, so glad you liked it...I really enjoyed writing it : )


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