Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Klabb Sajf 2009 (Kids' summer club 2009)

This evening the children who took part in this year's summer club at our parish were joined by the community and their parents and families as well as their teachers to celebrate the closing of this year's club. After a Mass of thanksgiving at our Parish, we headed to the Centre for a get-together where the kids entertained those present with the dance segment of the famous Thriller music video as well as various other song and dance. After certificates of attendance were presented to the children and everyone present admired all they created during the 8 weeks the club was on-going, refreshments were also served. I am sharing some pictures I managed to take just before the crowd set in and I hope you can appreciate the hard work involved (sorry if some of the pictures are not very sharp).

Various crafts are shown here including the re-cycled paper bags, sponge-painted jars. decoupaged plates, painted terracotta pots and decorated wooden spoons. At the back you can see some of the nativity cribs.

This is not a very sharp picture but you can still see the lovely ideas the children came up with in decorating their own cards with corrugated paper and fun foam shapes and glitter.
The tree shape on the left is a Christmas tree made with bottle caps, sequins and ribbons.

The acrylic painted terracotta pots were decorated with a plant poke made in the shape of a hat and a real plant was added for extra effect.
The front blue jar was sponged painted and has a circle of beads attached to the rim.
In this picture you can also see one of the name plates made from fun foam, a decorated spoon and a decoupaged plate.

I love the way the sequins on these butterflies made them shine in the light...we also added chenille stems to shape the body and feelers.

At the bottom of the picture you can see more decoupaged plates.

And here are two of the lovely nativity scenes.
The kids had a great time splashing and messing around with papier mache and lots of glue until they got the shapes of the cave and surrounding according to their imagination.

I think this was quite a challenge and the results speak for themselves.

Part of the exhibition from a different angel...I love the butterflies and hats!

Here is one of the Name-plates decorated with Fun foam.

Although this picture is out of focus, I decided to post it since it is a close can see how the bottle caps have been placed in the shape of a triangle to form the tree...each one was basically filled with cottonwool over which sequins were glued. A strand of sequined ribbon was glued to the edges to finish off the effect. At the top you can also see a hanger and an ice-cream stick (lolly stick) was stuck to the base for a tree trunk. This is a great re-cycle project to make with kids for Christmas : )

Again here you can see some more of the displayed items.

This decoupaged plate has a lovely effect with the poinsetta cut-out offset by the red background.
Here is also another spoon this time with braided hair.

A lovely idea for a fun-foam card. It was lovely to see the ideas the kids came up with, sometimes you feel as if they are teaching you!

A close-up of yet another beautiful butterfly!

A close-up of a decoupaged plate.
Another picture of a plate using a card featuring a robin with a background of a pale lime green napkin with little flowers.



  1. Children have such vivid imaginations and you're very clever yourself so I am not surprised at all the beautiful creations. They are really lovely Doreen. You must be very proud of them.

  2. How fun! What a great experience and what great craftss! :)

  3. The children have made some wonderful crafts there!
    I am sure you and your assistants are very proud of them.
    What a wonderful, colourful Summer for them!
    Well done to all!

  4. What a creative bunch! It sure looks like they all had a great time! Very well done on all crafts!


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