Monday, September 14, 2009

Survival of my Garden in Pots...

My garden is a variety of plants on the rooftop, in our balcony
and on my kitchen windowsill as well as around the house.
Having some greens and foliage gives me a sense of being in a garden, well sort of : )
The above is a collage of pictures of my surviving plants,
ones that I had indoors, and some of my outdoor ones too.
It has been a hot and humid summer on our island
and we have survived, so did our plants but only just!

Remember this picture earlier this summer...these were foliage that I grew from seeds and was so looking forward to summer flowers...well from this it went


this ..... don't know what happened here but it seems either the seeds I used were not good quality or else like everything else the plants suffered from our intense summer heat.

And I am just now at the end of the season enjoying these tiny flowers from this one plant (from the only two that survived) will notice I put up a kind of trellis at the back as earlier on some of the plants were sprouting tendrils and I so enjoyed seeing these climbers trailing up until one fine day they just shrivelled up and died : (

Most of my plants suffered the scorching heat of the day, the dry winds...I have tried to save what is left by repotting or adding top soil, we'll see...

I managed to save one bulb of my trio in the Nolina family, fingers crossed this one will survive.

I had a couple of cuttings my Mum gave me which I had in water for several weeks and one of them even sprouted roots...

I have now potted them and they seem to be doing nicely.

And here are my herbs, chives on the left,
basil on the right,


rosemary on the left and mint on the right.

I am getting these indoors for the winter and hopefully they will do better on my kitchen windowsill : )


  1. Hi Doreen. It's not easy growing a garden in pots is it? That's what I've been doing the last couple of years. Herbs do the best. It's unseasonably "hot" here in Sask for this time of year so I'm still harvesting zucchini and tomatoes. Had to cover them only once so far this fall :)

  2. Yes definitely herbs seem to do best. How lovely that you have zucchini and tomatoes ~ enjoy! Your comment has inspired me to change the title of this posting : )

  3. Well now....look there! They are beautiful!
    I've never tried pot gardening....maybe I should!

  4. Well sis the house plants that survived look very nice, remember to pick off any dried leaves from the plant this helps the growth and if you want your basil to live long, there's a way of picking the leaves you need for your dishes ... you must pick always the top leaves never the ones that grow on the sides of the stem, my mother-in-law taught me this and you know she's quite an expert on plants.
    Keep your green fingers going... you've done a good job!

  5. Thanks Roberta, I try to make do with what I have and make the best of it but honestly I'd love to have a small garden : )
    Thanks Sue for your comments and advice, yes I always take the dry leaves away. The problem with my basil is that it is always flowering and I have to take these away as it will help the plant grow further but it still is not flourishing! I hope I am doing the right thing : )


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