Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Fall Decoration for your Yard/Patio

As Fall approaches we will be putting our summer
decorations away and making room for pumpkins,
multi-coloured leaves and autumn wreaths
as well as this season's centre pieces
along with Thanksgiving and
Halloween decorations.

The picture above is a lovely and creative display of
pumpkins and gourds on an old weathered bench.
Fall flowers, turkey pokes, a
watering can and a cute little scarecrow made
from dish towels complete the look.
Many thanks to my friend Calico on my favourite forum
'Craftsayings' who made this fall presentation and also
gave me permission to feature it on my blog.
Thanks Calico : )

I hope you will all be inspired by this creative idea!
Please add any ideas you may have to the comments section ~ thanks!


  1. How come you're already posting about Halloween? We haven't yet started October and you're already preparing for the fall.:) This Halloween I was thinking of trying my hand at some pumpkin carving and if I manage to do a good job I'll post some pics.

  2. LOL my dear Zen in book of crafting we prepare for any season from way before the season...that is the only way to get things done on time : ) As to Fall well it is only 5 days away!
    You will certainly enjoy pumpkin carving, I made several jack o' lanterns and they were all fun to make...I will try and post some instructions to make carving easier.
    By the way did you know it is only 98 days + some hours until Christmas!

  3. I think I'm ready for fall Doreen. Spring/summer is really my favorite time but I love the beautiful color of fall. Your decoration is helping me get into the mood.

  4. Fall is a lovely time of year and it is my all time favourite although in Malta we do not get much of this season which is only a short space of time between summer and winter. Anyway, we can still enjoy decorating our houses for fall...I really love all the wonderful colours of browns, yellows and gold which remind me of our time (falls) spent in Canada.
    Thanks for dropping by Daisy Soap Girl, glad my posting put you in the mood which is exactly what it was meant to do : )
    Hello Zen, I just wanted to add that Calico who made this decoration assures me her display is purely as a Fall decoration as she does not celebrate Halloween. Sorry I forgot to mention that : ) If you are not yet in the mood, look out for my Fall ideas (wink)!
    Blessings to all,

  5. I love fall. And love these decorations. and it HAS inspired me. Remember my $2 wrough iron bench purchse.....? I gotta get out there and decorate that for fall!!!! IIneed the pick me up that fall decorating can brin. I am recupping from walkin pneumonia so this will make me feel better! lol Thanks Val and Doreen!

  6. Hi Doreen~

    I'm ready for Fall also. I think that "Calico" has put a lot of creativity into her Fall Display and it's just gorgeous!

    Our Fall Season arrives on September 21st here in the US and I think everyone's ready for what they call Indian Summer.

    Thanks for Sharing .... Hugs~ Joann


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