Thursday, September 24, 2009

If I had Wings ~ A Poem

~If I had Wings~

If I had wings
If I could fly
I'd spread my wings
I'd span the sky
If I had wings
I'd feel so free
My friend won't you
Come fly with me
The wind will lift us higher
Far above the clouds
If I had wings I'd fly with you
Far from all the crowds!
Doreen Scerri © 2009

I took the above picture only a few days ago when I was taking pictures of clouds. Have you ever tried to take photos of birds in flight? Gosh it is ever so difficult to get them all in one perfect frame. It was getting kind of dark then, but this is the best one I got and I am quite happy with it. I think capturing birds in flight will be my next challenge : ) Have you ever thought about how fast birds fly? The photo inspired me to write the poem. Poetry takes me into worlds and places I may never get to, it frees my spirit and my mind travels anywhere it fancies, anywhere it longs to go and through my verses I can travel beyond the horizon and back again.

Thank you Lord for the wind beneath my wings

every time You inspire me

with Your wonderful creation.


  1. Beautiful poem sis!
    I think you've been clever with that photo, photographing birds in flight or anything in movement is not an easy task... well done!
    Sue :)

  2. I have never tried to take photos of birds in flight, however I have tried thunder and did not manage to get one shot! Clouds are a favourite subject of mine, especially when there's lots of colours and the clouds seem to be on a water colour drawing.

  3. Your photo is so nice. It reminds me of a flock of geese I saw last week. You did a good job. Is that your poem? It's wonderful!


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