Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Perfect Gifts from Canada!

~ Let's celebrate fall
with the perfect cookies,
chocolates and coffee
the Canadian way ~

Thanks to my cousin and her husband

for the wonderful gifts they brought us

from Canada:

GirlGuide Cookies ~ special edition
celebrating 100th Anniversary

Tim Horton Coffee

Laura Secord Chocolates

What more would we want?

Thanks cuz and thanks also to both of you

for visiting and for the memories : )

Thanks also for the lovely Maple leaves from your yard

which I have pressed!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

With apologies to Angie, I'll share a couple of cookies or chocolates if we meet, just say when : )


  1. GIRL GUIDE COOKIES & TIM HORTONS! You are one loved and very lucky lady Doreen :o) Enjoy your gifts haha and thanks for the blurb about me hahaha I found this quite funny :o)

  2. Enjoy your cookies and chocolate. Perfect for a very gool autumn evening.

  3. hahaha...you have a great cousin. The saying around here is "Give me my Timmy's and no one gets hurt!" (about Tim Hortons)

  4. Ciao Doreen, scusami se ti scrivo in italiano, ma nn so bene l'inglese, ahimè...
    Mi piacerebbe tantissimo viistare il Canada...chissà...un giorno...
    Buon sabato


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