Saturday, November 27, 2010

Seher ir-Rabat ~ History, Crafts, Food and much more...

I know I have not been on here recently but as you
all know, sometimes family life takes over.
Also I have been rather busy getting ready for my next fair,
this time the activity is SEHER IR-RABAT which as the name suggests
will be held in Rabat.
Read more about it here (in English)

The festivities start at 9am and will go on until the evening,
however the craft exhibition and sales will end late afternoon
so be there early for the best choice.

Make it a family day, start your Christmas shopping and enjoy the lovely culture and tradition in the old part of Rabat known as ir-Rabat tal-Imdina.

Hoping to meet you there!

N.B. Note there is ample parking across from Howard Gardens (close to the Roman Villa), then head to the old streets and alleys...the main activity will take place along Triq San Pawl, San Guzepp and Pjazza L’Isle Adam.


  1. I read the english version about the activities in Rabat. Very interesting. I love your blog. I never know what new, interesting information I will find here when I visit. Always something to look forward to. Good luck with your fair :)

  2. GOOD LUCK Doreen!
    Wish I could be there to give you a hand.
    I hope you'll have nice weather too.

  3. I wanted to come but I have not been feeling the best lately and the thought of finding a parking place in Rabat on a Sunday morning made me decide to chicken out and stay home. A shame I'm sure. I wish the Rabat Council would have advertised this better. Had no clue it was going on.

  4. Hi Lee, I'm so glad you enjoy visiting my blog and I do wish I had more time to post more often.

    Thanks Sue, today was quite windy especially in the narrow streets and alleyways but the fair was good. Considering that it was not very well advertised, there was a fair turnout and we had quite a few sales, I sold one of your Doll Shopping Lists as I already mentioned in my earlier email : ) I was really happy that this particular lady appreciated your work, she loved your poem : )

    We missed you visiting Loree. So sorry to hear you are under the weather and hope you feel better soon. Yes this was the first time they organised this activity and they hope to have similar events more often but they do need to advertise more.


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