Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My First Fabric Fall Swag

I have been cutting odd pieces of fabric into 2 x 6 inch strips for a few days
and today I finally put it all together into this window decoration for Autumn.
I think the effect is stunning, well worth the effort, although
my hand was a bit numb from tying all the knots!
Here is where I got my inspiration, great lady and wonderful blog...

You can tie the strips as close as you please. Ribbons or other decorative tie-ons can be added for extra effect.

Make sure you start off with extra string so that you have enough to make it hang nicely. I also made mine a double strand for added strength.

I suggest you start from the middle and work your way towards the edges, that way the colours will be even and you can measure better.


  1. Wow Doreen...I think I'm going to adapt this for christmas. I'm always looking for great crafts for all of them to work on for their Mom's for Christmas. This would work even for the little ones. :) Thanks for sharing

  2. Oh Doreen, this came out so pretty! I love it!

    Isn't Autumn a wonderful season with all the colors, the crisp fall air, and the bright blue skies!

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for your kind comments! It's a pleasure to "meet" you. :-)

    'Til next time,
    Crystal :-)

  3. Doreen, I left you a comment on the Voy for this. I think it's so pretty... I am thinking of making one for Christmas.

  4. I think you have so much patience Doreen. It looks very nice.

  5. Hi, Doreen! I love this swag, how totally gorgeous! Thanks for your sweet comment over at my place - you actually had the right answer to the mystery jewel but weren't the first - waah! I'm going to do it again soon, though. Now I need to go snoop around the rest of your blog and see what else you're up to. So nice to meet you!

  6. Thanks everyone for your lovely comments, I enjoyed making this swag and hope I inspired you to make one too : )
    Crystal and Michelle, how nice of you to stop by my blog, welcome, I hope you'll visit again : )


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