Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Summer Club for Kids

Come join us on our journey of colour,
fun, paper, glue, paints, glue, and um...more glue!

We are into our 3rd week at our Klabb Sajf (Summer Club) at our local Parish Centre. The pictures posted here are of works in progress by the kids aged from 6 to 12. Here you can see painted terracotta pots, decorated wooden spoons, decoupaged plates and sequinned butterflies.

As you can see most of the crafts are as yet unfinished as some take several sessions to finish. I will post more pictures as we go along.


  1. Awesome :) They look they are all very talented kids :)

  2. Very nice crafts... the results seem promising!
    Have fun with the kids!

  3. Hi Lee and Sue, thanks for dropping by : )

    I think everyone has some talent or other, right? And the fun thing is that they are enjoying the challenge...some are just there for the fun of it but there are others who already show signs of being promising young artists! Thanks so much for your comments : )

  4. Very cute! The kids are doing great!!

  5. Oh how fun! I love crafts with kids. They always have such a genuine sense of accomplishment!

  6. Your blog brings back so many memories for me. I think I fell in love with crafting when I went to Vacation Bible School as a child. You're bringing inspiration to the children and helping to create another artist. I love that you're doing that. Keep "lighting those candles".

  7. Hello Amber, Roberta and Daisy Soap Girl, thanks for your encouraging comments.
    Yes I sincerely hope these sessions will stay in their memories so that they are inspired to venture out further into the beautiful world of creativity : )

  8. Crafts with kids can be so much fun! I like that butterfly craft. It's very original. Could you pls take another shot of it as it looks rather hazy in the photo? Thanks

  9. Hi Zen, thanks for dropping by : )
    Yes I know it looks a bit hazy (flash effect) but if you click on the small picture you will be taken to a larger print which shows a little better that the butterfly is covered in sequins. I took the photos at the centre in a hurry as we were getting ready to start our session. I will however take pictures of the finished craft later on and will even do better than that...I will post how it's done too.


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