Thursday, July 9, 2009

PEG YOUR NOTES ~ An easy Decoupage craft

PEG YOUR NOTES Fridge Magnets ~ This is a very simple craft, one that can be done in only a few minutes. It is a great craft to make with children.

Materials needed:

New wooden pegs

Printed Paper Napkin with small design (ex. flowers or geometric design) preferably on white background
OR any leftover wrapping paper or scraps of colourful paper

PVA glue mixture (see side note)

Narrow paintbrush


Magnet small enough to fit back of peg (cut to size from advert magnets - see bottom note)


All-purpose glue

Wet cotton rag

Acrylic Matt varnish

Step by step instructions

Place two or more pegs in a row.

Cut the napkin down to size using one piece enough to cover all the pegs in one go. DO NOT CUT OUT DESIGN.

Separate the top layer (the actual design) of the designed napkin from the other 2 plain layers. (Separate by peeling from the corner.)

Spread PVA glue mixture over one side of the pegs using a paintbrush.

Place the designed sheet over the pegs and dab down gently with the sponge (do not rub) or you can even use your fingers.

Wipe fingers on wet cotton rag to remove any glue.

Smooth out creases or air bubbles with fingers.

Let dry completely.

Apply at least another two more coats of glue, letting each coat dry completely. Fix magnet to back of peg using all-purpose glue.

When totally dry, separate pegs by cutting off the excess napkin and trimming edges.

Do not decoupage more than two or three pegs at one go as they might be awkward to handle if you are not used to it.

Finally seal with a coat of acrylic matt varnish or spray.

Make several to peg your notes and decorate your fridge!!


IDEAS! You can use these decorated pegs to hold notes on your fridge and if you do not attach a magnet to the back you can also use them to seal bags of cereal, snacks or frozen veggies, and also to hold back curtains!

Great fund-raising item for school or church sales! Or to give as gifts!

MAGNETS: If you do not have any advert magnets, try hobby shops or hardware stores for sheet magnets which you can cut down to the required size.

PVA GLUE MIXTURE: See the posting about 'Getting Ready to Decoupage'.

The photos in this posting are from shared files.


  1. Very nice!! I'll have to add these to my list!!!

    It's so funny how different parts of the world name things so differently! I was thinking "pegs"??? Then it hit me, "Oh, clothes pins!!" Even here in the US, items have different names. For example: The shoes you wear to run or play games, causal shoes have tons of different names. In my area, they are tennis shoes. I have heard them called sneakers, gym shoes, and tennies. Even some places call them "kicks"! All the same thing!

  2. How very true Amber! Even when we lived in Canada we used to say some things differently like sidewalk for pavement, etc. It's funny how you mentioned tennis shoes...that is what we used to call them here in Malta when we were young, now they call them runners!!!

  3. I still have the ones you gave me sis, and they are so handy.

  4. I use mine all the time too, glad you found them so handy Sue : )

  5. Hi Dor, I love this craft. I'll try to do it next scholastic year with the students. Thanks for sharing your idea with us.

    Re: sport shoes : In Malta wherever I go I keep on hearing the term 'slippers' used for sport shoes. Funny huh??!!

  6. Hi Zen, oh, it's nice to know you will try it with the students next year, wherever I have demonstrated this technique it seems it really catches on, best of luck, let me know if you need any help, that is from what I already know especially through experience.
    As for the 'runners', 'slippers' it certainly is amusing to see how new names are given to certain things as time goes by : )

  7. I just love these ideas you are sharing. Keep em' coming! Here in Kentucky we call those pegs clothes pins.

  8. What a great idea! Thank you! :)


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