Monday, June 22, 2009

The Latest from our Rooftop.....and Father's Day!

With lots of care and patience, regular watering and a little or a lot of sun and some wind too, my little flower container has produced some fine foliage from the seeds I planted a while ago...I am very happy and I can spot some little buds showing already. I'm hoping they will survive the strong winds that have been blowing over our island these past couple of days.

Can you see the bald spot on the right side...still can't figure out what had happened there but a couple of seeds have sprouted so you never know there might be some late blooms!

Since yesterday was Father's Day, what better way was there than to spend some quality family time together? We had my in-laws and my Mum over for a Bar-B-Q and my husband cooked a delicious meal for all of us. Hmm, I hear you say why should he be cooking on Father's Day? Well, he loves it and always does a great job of it, definitely better than if I tried...I made potato salad and a fresh green salad with tomatoes. We had water melon for dessert and later we enjoyed a lovely cheesecake our daughter made. It was very windy but we managed to at least have our meal up on the rooftop and dessert downstairs. Thanks everyone for lending a hand, also to our son and his sweet girlfriend. We all had a great time.

~ I hope all the DADS in your family enjoyed their special day ~

And as a memory to those Dads who are no longer with us

and of course, especially

In Memory of My Dad...

I see your face,

Your precious smile,

I hear your guiding words

Always worthwhile...

You were forever there

To lend a hand,

Against injustice

You'd take a stand...

'Living the day'

Was your favourite saying

And you'd remind us each day

To be thankful when praying...

I'm so glad God chose you

To be my own special DAD

And when you left us

I was so sad,

But in knowing you're happy

In God's garden of Love,

I ask for your Blessings

From Heaven above.

Doreen Scerri © 2009


  1. Those sausages are so tempting! Pity they'r all gone LOL!
    The poem you wrote is so nice sis.

  2. The container garden looks awesome! I have a container full of different salad greens that's coming along quite nicely :)

  3. The grill looks so good!! Sounds like you and your family had a wonderful time!!


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