Monday, May 11, 2009

Hey's back to work and some more play!

Now that Mother's Day is over, it seems it's back to normal and back to work. Whatever work you do be it as a Stay-at-home-Mom, work away from home, work from home, make sure you find some Me time. Do not wait for the weekend or for the evening...Me time can be yours at any time of the day so long as you find the time or rather make the time for yourself.
So grab that book you have been meaning to finish and enjoy a few pages (why not read it till the end) while waiting for your laundry, sit at your computer and add that little something to your blog (that is what I am doing right now!), get your cleansers, toners and give yourself some 'pamper' time, stop to look at the bubbles making their way up from your kitchen sink...You know what you wish to do or have been meaning to accomplish. The laundry will still get done, you are clever enough to whip up a healthy meal even if you give yourself a break and what if the dishes don't get done until a little later...

Believe in yourself!
Stop to smell the fresh air if you don't
have flowers in your garden
or just look at the sky at this lovely time of year.
Do give that special gift to deserve it!

The picture above is one I found on the net
while browsing for Mother's Day ideas and thought
it was a great quote and craft which I hope to try soon.
If any of you have a craft you made for Mother's Day
and wish to send me a picture I will feature it on this posting.


  1. Doreen, I do exactly that these days. I was forever worried about keeping everything in place and cleaning all the time that I never had time for myself before ... but now I got wise and find those special moments for me during the day... they are relaxing and it's the reward I give myself every day.

  2. Hi sis,
    That's exactly what I mean! I too was like that once but now I have found I work so much better this way and these special times are so fulfilling.

  3. I read my bible in the mornings to get my day going and then relax by crocheting on my afghan in the afternoons when I get in from work to relieve my stress. Great post.

  4. Thanks Tammi...yes reading the Bible helps us to get our priorities straight and as you said 'get going', it is a great tool for motivation and it helps me to offer my day and my talents for God's glory. Thanks for mentioning this as a great way for certainly makes a great reward! How lovely to know you like crocheting, hoping to see a picture of your afghan when it's done.

  5. Me time??? There is always something to be done! WE have been so busy lately, that I cannot even think of taking time right now!

    I do believe that my kids are more important than a spotless house! I want my girls to remember the time I spent playing and doing things with them, rather than, hey, my mom always keep a spotless house!

    Hopefully, I'll get some me time next month!! Really good post!!!

  6. So glad you enjoyed the post Amber, from your blog I believe that whatever you do you are enjoying yourself most of the time so that is what is most important and yes like you, time with our kids is No.1 priority, that time will never come back but what we do together stays with us forever. Thanks sweetheart for your comments.


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