Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Handmade cards

Making greeting cards is such a rewarding hobby. You can enjoy making cards by yourself or with family and friends. I find I really work well when I am alone and find it very relaxing. Making cards with your children is an enjoyable experience too which gives them confidence in themselves that they can make such lovely cards out of practically very few supplies.

Making your own cards is quite easy and not at all expensive. You can start by using supplies you have at home and build up your embellishments as you develop this hobby. Basically all you need is paper, cutter, glue and some items you find at home (string, ribbons, buttons, glitterglue,etc.) and/or pictures you can create by using your graphic software.
You will also need a little patience and lots of imagination!

I made some cards last week using some of the papers in the package of lovely hand-decorated papers that my son and his girlfriend bought for me. The possibilities and combinations one can achieve with these are endless and I am still experimenting.

These papers are textured, embossed, stitched or handmade paper and I also used some papers I had at home.
I love the effect achieved with the motifs I cut out of white and silver paper doilies, don't you?

I added a special finishing touch with paper ribbons
and charms...you can also add buttons or stickers depending on the effect you wish to achieve.

The joy of making your own cards and finding different ways to combine your embellishments and the fun in building up your hobby as well as the delight that these cards give to the recipient are definitely priceless feelings.
I hope the pictures and thoughts here will inspire and encourage you to try this very rewarding craft.
There are of course many different ways how to make a pretty card but I will not go into that at the moment. I have built up my supplies and techniques over many years and I know you can too.
I hope you will try this fascinating pastime ~ before long you will find you are enjoying yourself and will look forward to mastering new techniques.


  1. I love making cards but I am just not very good at it. I need some inspiration. These cards are beautiful!

  2. Thanks Tammi, I so hope these will be an inspiration, I will try posting more as I make them : )

  3. ooooooohhhh! These are all just DANG CUTE!
    You inspire me my friend!

  4. Very pretty!! You did a great job!!

  5. Dainty hand work. Love them!

  6. Thanks everyone for your encouraging words!

  7. Your cards are beautiful!! I love the way you embellished them.

  8. Thanks Craftymug, your encouragement means alot to me : )


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