Saturday, April 27, 2013

Forthcoming Craft Fairs

Along with the change in weather, comes the opportunity to attend outdoor festivities and functions.  Hopefully the weather will change for the better.  For me 'for the better' would mean sunny but not too hot with a nice light breeze.  Am I asking too much?  That would be the ideal weather for setting up our craft table at the forthcoming Craft Fairs this coming weekend.  So if you don't have anywhere to go or attend, and if you live in Malta or Gozo, mark your calendar and make this a date.  

We will be setting up our table on Friday 3rd May in Merchants Street (upper part, in front of Auberge d'Italie).  You can come over anytime between 9am and 2pm.  This is being organized by The Commerce Department in conjunction with  The Malta Tourism Authority.  The theme for this fair is "Mother's Day".

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Another two dates to mark are actually the following two days of this same weekend!  So Saturday 4th May and Sunday 5th May are another two days to mark!  This time the venue will be San Anton Gardens and this will be 

The 110th Annual Great Spring Show! 

For more information on opening times, how to get there, entrance fee, etc. visit...


Make it a Family Day outing! Hoping to see you all at either of or both shows!


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  1. Good Luck sis! I hope it will be a great success and that you'll make good sales.

  2. Thanks Sue for your good wishes, I'm hoping for good weather and yes of course good sales : )


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