Monday, July 16, 2012

With God all things are possible Mark 10:27

As you may have, or maybe not, noticed I have not been doing anything with my blog for quite some time. No, I have not disappeared into cyberspace nor fallen off the edge of this planet! But I feel as if I am slowly melting away in this heat! I wish it would melt away my extra kilos (wishful thinking)!

There are several reasons why I am not on here as often as I'd like to, for one thing, I really like to choose the subjects of my posts and I have not had much inspiration lately, again I will blame that on a muddled brain due to this excessive heat. Another reason is that I do enjoy sitting more on our rooftop in the evenings
enjoying the occasional breeze rather than sitting down at my pc and, I really can't imagine me sitting here much during the day either, I'd die! I have a fan at full blast at my back and I still don't feel like doing much. Whenever I'm on my pc at some time during the day, I find myself dozing off...can you imagine! My head just drops! No, no way, can't allow myself to do that so at least for the time being, I will just browse and if I do find something interesting I will be on here, not to worry!

Well, that gets me to the reason why I have actually come here...I have found a rather lovely image to share
with you all.

Mert, who is an on-line friend of mine from my Craft Forum shared this beautiful presentation she made for her church ... it's a summer bulletin board she made using a Silhouette Cameo cutter. I loved the way she presented this lovely quote from the Bible (Mark 10:27) including the added butterflies and flowers. Well done Mert!
You have done an excellent job!
Thanks Mert for giving me permission to share this on my blog : )

I'm sure by now you've figured out that we don't own an A/C.
And...I'm praying for some Northerly winds, for 'With God all things are possible!' I would even be praying for winter but I know that "There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven" Ecclesiastes 3:1

I wonder how it is on your side of the world, my friends.
I'm off to take another shower! Stay cool and have a happy and safe summer : )


Update: Since posting this last night, we have been having some rather pleasant and most welcome winds, it's lovely to feel a light breeze blowing or to feel a cool wind caressing your face, I do hope the lower temperatures will last for a while : ) Yes I do most certainly believe that 'With God all things are possible' and my prayer has been heard!


  1. It looks like your prayers were answered Doreen. There's a heavenly NW breeze blowing tonight :)

  2. It certainly is heavenly Loree, now I pray that it will stay : )

  3. That's a lovely bulletin board!
    We are having some cool weather right now, hope it gets cooler for you too.

  4. Hi Sue, I've just written an update at the end of my post. Thank God temperatures have gone down considerably and the breeze is certainly such a relief!


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