Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Make your Jack o'lantern Eco Friendly

And now that you have decided to make your Jack o' Lantern, remember to be Eco friendly so... click on each item for great ideas and recipes...

Roast those pumpkin seeds A great healthy snack!

Make a delicious pumpkin soup And don't forget to add your cinnamon and nutmeg! Yummy!!!

OK so you're not that keen on soup or pumpkin pie, how about one of these 35 desserts then? Just click on the arrow on each picture to go through the recipes.

So now you have no excuse! You can make use of all the pumpkin, inside and out!
And finally don't throw your well enjoyed Jack o' Lantern away, throw it on your compost pile and if you don't have one, donate it to your favourite farmer.

In case you go berserk about Pumpkins this fall, here is a site that tells you how to prepare and freeze fresh pumpkins.

Please feel free to add your own ideas and comments in the Comments section.


  1. Thanks for the links, unfortunately nobody in my family likes pumpkin except me. I once tasted a pumpkin pie and it was superb!

  2. I am not too fond of pumpkin but it can be extremely good in some desserts and some soups.

  3. Great idea Doreen! The amount of pumpkins that I've gone through in my life and had thrown out after only one week of being on display for Halloween. From now on I'll think of this the next time I ever carve a pumpkin!

  4. Hi ladies, it's amazing how many people do not like pumpkins...I've tasted it as a savoury as well as a sweet dish and liked both.
    It was fun doing research on this. I knew that the pumpkin is a member of the squash family, but what I did not know was that although it is treated like a vegetable, it is technically a fruit. The reason a pumpkin is a fruit is because it grows on a vine and contains seeds, well I guess much like the tomato!


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