Friday, September 24, 2010

My Rosary Bracelets

You may be wondering 'What is a Rosary Bracelet?'
Well, when I heard of Beaded Rosary Bracelets, they were quite a novelty to me too. They have been around for some time and came into use as part of a person's jewellery to be worn with the intention of reminding oneself to pray. Many of us say we are always too busy but really, saying the Rosary takes up only around 10 to 15 minutes. We may say we don't even have so many minutes to spare...OK, how about 2 to 3 minutes, even waiting for a bus takes longer! So we can just pray one decade (one mystery) whenever we find those extra minutes. AND that is what these bracelets are a reminder and to help us pray...besides don't you think they're pretty!

For anyone wishing to learn more about how the Rosary is prayed, click on the link at the bottom of this posting.

These bracelets are most often made with chain, but some are also made with cord, elastic, twine, flexwire or even memory wire. A rosary bracelet has a small crucifix and a small medal, which in my case I have left out but inserted a finding which allows you to add your own. Usually this is a miraculous medal and many already own one or more in gold or silver. There are ten Hail Mary beads and one Our Father bead. Most bracelets are about 7 1/2 inches in length, but they can be adjusted by adding or removing chain.

Since I have been teaching myself beading and beading techniques, I decided to try and make some. I used different coloured beads so that when anyone is praying the Rosary, one can think of different intentions with each Hail Mary while contemplating on a particular mystery of the Rosary.

By the way you don't have to be a Catholic to pray the Rosary and as a Catholic you do not need to pray the Rosary, but it certainly has many benefits and spiritual fruits.


  1. these are great Doreen! Seeing some of your creations makes me want to get into beading and making jewelry :o)

  2. Thanks Angela, so glad you liked my rosary bracelets!
    Beading is so much fun and rewarding, yes you should give it a try : )

  3. Hi Doreen. Haven't heard from you on this blog for a while. I suppose summer has kept you busy. I can't believe it's over already.

  4. Beading now :) so many talents! beautiful as always :)

  5. Hi Loree, so nice to 'see' you stopping by! Yes it has been a VERY busy summer for us, we've had lots of visitors from abroad and are still expecting some sister Sue is here for a week but leaves tomorrow : (
    Thanks Lee, yes I enjoy trying new crafts and am enjoying my beading to many talents, well you could say 'a Jack of all trades', maybe master of...'some' LOL better than none : )


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