Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wordless Wednesday...My Year-round tree in Fall

Especially for Debbie H.~thanks for your reminder : )


  1. Doreen,
    The tree and its surrounding is nicely decorated.
    Do you use this for the incoming Christmas celebration?
    Have the nice day.

  2. Hi coolingstar9, as you can see this is a small tabletop tree, about 18 inches tall. When I put our Christmas decorations away last year I left this little tree out to remind us of Christmas and its Blessings and I decorate it throughout the year according to the different seasons and festivities like Valentine's or Easter, etc. and at the present time it is decorated for is also appropriate for the upcoming feast of Thanksgiving and, of course, it will be decorated again for Christmas in December. Thanks for dropping by and for your comments.
    Blessings to you and yours : )

  3. Very cute! The girls would love this idea, if only we had more room! TFS!

  4. What a wonderful idea to start this fall with a year tree.
    Your so smart my friend enjoyed your blog as always.
    big hugs

  5. Very pretty and a great idea Doreen. I should have one of these out tonight! Our first winter storm (and it's not winter lol) Very snowy, blustery, and icey!

  6. Love your tree sis!
    I 've never got down to putting up an all year round tree... now with Tod I think we'll have problems even keeping whole the Christmas tree LOL!

  7. Love your tree! Good job! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Hi Doreen~

    I just lost my previous comment. Trying again I think I made a mistake!

    I'll make this one shorter in case it doesn't go through.

    I "Love" your Year Round Tree. I too decorate with all the Holidays with 3 foot Christmas Trees. I have Green Trees - White Trees - and a Pink Tree. I start with Valentines Day and go through Thanksgiving with these small trees in our "Holiday Room."

    Of course for Christmas we have a 10 foot artificial tree that looks real. It takes us about a week to fully decorate, but worth all the time it takes. I've made most of the decorations over the years for this tree.

    I'll end my comment and hope this goes through.
    Thanks for sharing your cute "Year Round Tree."

    Take Care My Friend...Hugs~ Joann

  9. Hi Joann I'm so glad you liked my year round tree. I don't have it up this year though since I needed the space for something else but I do miss it! How lovely that you have so many trees in your Holiday room : )
    A 10 foot tree WOW and I thought ours was tall at 7ft! We too take long to get it all decorated and we have what we call our Memory decorations since we are always adding more decorations along the years!
    Thanks for your comment, I'm so glad you made it this time : )

  10. Hi Doreen~

    I came back to check and my comment went through.

    Today is "Halloween" so will send "Happy Halloween" thoughts to you.

    Hugs~ Joann


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