Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Welcome to my Blog!

Hi I'm Doreen, welcome to my blog!

I hope you will visit often to share the ideas and moments in my creative adventures.

Being creative is just so much a part of me...I love to do all kinds of crafts, redecorate, recyle, paint, write poetry and stories and I also love taking pictures. There is so much around us that inspires me to create...every day I try to do something creative, however little or big and that gives me a feeling of happiness and fulfillment. I invite you to join me in my adventure...


  1. Hello Doreen,
    Welcome to Blogland!
    I wish you lots of good luck for your brand new blog, once you get atarted you can't leave it, believe me. Yes, it's a great new adventure and I hope to join you as often as I can.
    Well done sis, for the nice introduction.

  2. Thanks for the welcome and nice comments may take a while but I am getting there : ) Oh yes, I do hope you will join me often!


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